Monday, December 8, 2008

Put me in coach, I'm ready

Operation a success. I now have 2 owies....

Hello there little fella.... Slightly bigger chunck than we expected.

One way to save weight.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Spy Pics

Custom arm warmers. Perfect time of year for em too....

T-shirts... and if we are lucky....

Our spy cam has also spotted some upgrades to Tims ARC.... Fulcrum Wheels. New Rear XT disc. Weapon.

Plus some custom stickering

Makes ya wanna buy eh??

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thumbs UP! He's OK.....

In hospital, waiting for a CT scan to make sure 1, Spine ok and 2 no brain damage(or no more than usual)

What's your date of birth? 28th of the 7th, 1977 i said. Ok, i'll have to believe you on that one, says the nurse, cause i don't have it on my chart.... checks wrist band, correct. Tick in the box.

Done its job..

That'd explain the headache.

Right. Story Time i guess. Problem is I can't remember what happened.

As usual we were riding the yarra trails, fast as usual. As far as i can recall now, me on the front came round a blind corner, over and down into a dip.

Now it goes a bit point form....

I remember a huge thud.

Lying in the bushes, can't breathe.

Faces asking me if i was ok(G'Day Troy)

Trying to say winded

Shook the guys hand i ran into, He used to do Karate, that's why i'm in a ball on the trail, funnily enough he is a friend of Mels and was chatting to her a few minutes before. If you're gonna hit someone it may as well be a friendly face... OK back to the trail.

Cannot remember where i am. Kinda remember meeting up with the guys to ride but its like a week ago memory. Totally lost on the trail. The whole ride plus part of the arvo has gone.

Walking out with no idea where i am.

Memory loss. People talking about ambulances and ringing Mel.

Got to Banksia Street opposite the nursery and my memories start properly from there. 2 ambulances. Neck brace. Hospital. Doctors. Scans. Drugs...

Anyway. All is ok. Minor concussion. Brusing and a stiff back. Most of my memory has returned apart from the crash but you can keep that one..

Thanks to all who helped me.

Happy Birthday Ozzy Osbourne