Monday, December 20, 2010

Just a little crash

technology is awesome. CT scan of my shoulder showing my scapula in 3 pieces.

After work i was hopping around on my Yeti DJ/Trials bike and looped out landing flat on my left shoulder. It was a hard landing and i knew something wasn't right. Drove myself to hospital for xrays and CT scan.

Shoulder ok but Scapula is messed up... no surgery required, just rest time

So thats it for this year. 4 weeks in a sling then rehab and strength work. Its possible by mid feb i'll back on the mtb. Just in time for the Nationals!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bad Karma

Think I'm bad luck at the moment. don't believe it? read Rhinos report on our Jeep 24 Hour race. Not good.

Thankfully under an assumed name on the Felt team i managed to log some good laps and help the team to a win. (i think Neil would be happy with the times i posted...) Giant Check Shot!!

Got one more race on the calendar this year, unless i head to tassie for the national round, then is Christmas party's, beers and maybe new bikes!

So to make way for "upgrades" I'm selling my ARC

Medium Frame. XTR brakes, King Headset, Reba fork with XX hydro lockout

Thomson stem and post

819 rims, tubeless tyres. XO shifters and derailleur.

New chain, cassette and chainrings.

email me if interested...