Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Off to Tassie!!

well, packed at least...

All ready for Wildside and beyond.

Sneaky upgrades ahoy... New wheels should make the race go faster... Super awesome Jetblack Pro Carbon

lack of interest meant they were heavily reduced, I couldn't pass up the deal. Converted them to tubeless and gave them a thrashing all week. Awesome....

now all i need to do is pedal.

Happy Birthday Rhino.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Smiths Gully Trail "Upgrades"

what?? been riding these trails for a bit now and today came across this. Someone had removed it from blocking the trail, i'm guessing that will piss off those who put it there. Strange that they choose to do it now.

We'll see what happens to that section of trail in the coming months.


Race bike is sold. Happy new owner picked the bike up on friday. Leaves me with no choice than to ride the ARC down in Tassie at Wildside. Couple of upgrades will see it a sweet race machine... Then its ASR 5 time!!

There is still a medium Carbon ASR frame and fork and 575 frame and fork available.

drop us an email if you're interested.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

DT Swiss Mountains to Beach

Ben and I are going to be racing this one, and as with most things, its a little late notice but just enough time to get the legs up and running for 5 days of torture. We will be racing pairs, and the rules are that we have to stay in 'sight' of one another......

It will be a good time to get those Mavic Yellow Shoes all dirty again.....

There is the slighest of chance that we will be on the new YETI Carbon 5, which would be amazing.......then its just the decision to pull the trigger on SRAM XX or not.....but I already know the answer..!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yetis For Sale

Some team bikes for sale. 2 frames and a full bike.

3 awesome options at super prices!!

2009 575 Frame, team colour. Medium. King headset and '09 Fox F140RLC fork

2009 ASR Carbon Frame, team colour. Medium. King headset and '09 Fox F100RL with remote lockout

2009 ASR Carbon, team colour. Medium. Full bike.
Fox F100RLC
King Headset
Mavic SLR wheels, Maxxis Crossmark tyres
XTR cranks and front derailleur
XO rear d, new jockeywheels
XO gripshift
Thompson Stem
Easton Monkeylite bar
Avid Elixir CR brakes, carbon levers and new pads
New chain and cassette
Yeti SDG saddle, white ti rails

All frames are well looked after and serviced regularly.

email me for more info

Big Ride...

Got an invite on sunday night from bellie to ride kinglake with a few guys. The invite suggested about 140km... So I rolled from Eltham over the hills to Ringwood to meet the pack. Bellie, Rob Eva, Trent Lowe.... This would be a good ride.

Turn around and head back the way i'd just came and up the Warrandyte-Kangaroo Ground road.

Eva and Lowe setting the pace.

Bellie and i took the lead up the kinglake climb and tempo'd to the top...

From Kinglake we turned toward Healsville for a food stop at the Beechworth Bakery(long ride..) Healsville turned toward Woori Yallock, I saw signs to Cockatoo.... At this stage i was aware we were getting further away from my house. The hours were racking up but it was a great day so roll on!! Arriving at the back of Silvan dam i followed those going in a northward direction and leaving T-Lowe in Montrose area I hooked onto Mt Dandy road and headed for Warrandyte again....

6 and a half hours later i got home. Google maps says i did 180km. My arms and legs say "what have you done to us....?"