Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nemesis Marathon PreRide

Monday was spent on the bike. Headed up to Avoca with Rohin and Grover to preride Rohins marathon course. Given last years epic fail by me it would be good to actually finish it before the race in a couple of weeks.

The boys, on our way with about 90km to go and close to 3000m of climbing.

Last year it was tough, plenty of climbing and the endurance walking trail single track was a suffer fest. The school that built the track "back in the day" didn't follow no IMBA guidelines. This year however will be different. Work has been done over the winter months and plenty of new switchback sections made to avoid having to ride straight up the hills.

Sadly my climbing legs had been left on the couch and as i slowly ran out of gears this was my view on the climbs for most of the day....

The one respite, flat road, its over pretty quick tho and back to climbing.

It wasn't all bad, with the ASR5 as my bike of choice the extend descending that comes with long climbs was super rad. KM of flowing 4x4 trail with almost perfect waterbars to launch off. Some sections of the course begged to be sessioned with some fatter tyres and maybe a set of knee pads just in case. Drift, Launch, Drift, Clench. So good, made the schelacking i was taking on the climbs worth it.

Only 20ish km to go... I didn't get any more photos as all my energy was directed at the pedals and keeping my chin up.

Total ride time, 8 hours. many of the spent waiting for me I suspect... Bit of riding to be done I reckon...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mega Sunday

For a big sunday ride you gotta prep right. starting the night before. The plan was to travel to Castlemaine for a loop of new trails, have a quick lunch then hot foot it to Woodend for a loop of the Wombat trails. So the pre race prep would have to be special....

Rhino now lives in Riddles Creek so a trip to a the Woodend pub on saturday night for a meal and some beers would set us up well.

Holgate Brewery in Woodend does a sample paddle. 8 different beers.

One to go....

Forcing down the last of a mixed grill... No fancy plating up here. just meat stacked on meat.... Sweating was not optional on finishing.

8am start at Castlemaine Cycles for a classic loop of trail. Rocky, windy, all within reach of the town centre.... We had 4 other locals come along for the ride and our guide Aaron did an awesome job taking us around. He also cleared the trail of all the orb spider webs that covered the trails. The wet winter/summer has increased numbers dramatically, some areas looked like an Indiana Jones movie.

Rolling the trails.

Climbing and winding. We covered about 30km of mainly singletrack. In the end it was our arvo ride that meant we'd have to head back to the car. My Garmin showing us the quick way home. Finally it proved its more than an expensive odometer...
After a quick lunch and debrief we got back in the truck and headed for Woodend and the Wombat trail loop. New location and new riding crew. Troy Bailey, Scott Chancellor, Lewis Rattray and Mel joined us for more trail.

A bridge in the forest...

warning, sweet trail ahead.
Total riding was a bit under 60km for the day. Its great to be back on the bike. Still working on building up the strength but couch time is over.
Now its ride time!