Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More ASR Carbon

Press-fit bottom bracket means the down tube can be made wider which improves overall stiffness. Its all about Power Transfer man....

Check out this front end! Beefy....

Chris King. Name a better headset. In our comments section please.....

Typical Yeti Australia Pro build. FOX, King, XO, XTR, THOMSON....

Yeti have made a special clamp to hold the integrated seatpost, so the bike can be mounted in a workstand. Nice.

Monday, January 19, 2009

ASR Carbon.

The wait is over!

A small shipment arrived at Yeti central on friday and were shipped out today. Due to limited numbers in the first shipment Team Yeti are still on the waiting list but our time will come soon.

Each frame is X-Rayed at the factory before being released to ensure quality.

The bottom bracket uses the new shimano press-fit bearing setup so XTR cranks are the go for now. Sram are releasing a press-fit bottom bracket soon so those that want to run Truvativ Noir cranks will have no problems

Available In Team Colour

Or Naked carbon

The seat clamp is carbon with an alloy rail clamp. Seat height is adjusted by cutting the integrated mast and trimming the height with supplied shims.

You can see the new carbon frame has a similar front end size to the 575. Making it super stiff and light.

More photos will be posted as the bikes get built up.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back on the horse, sort of...

Ride again.
Race again.
thats what i'd like.
Got the first bit happening, just.
First ride back, 70km. Engine light flickering at the end.
Second ride(New Years Day) 95km. Trying to crack the hundreds club. Engine light well and truly on. Had to divert by a servo for some black gold to get home.

Third ride 130km through yarra glen, heasville, kinglake. Awesome! I'm back.
Right, time for the Tour. Tour De Burbs. With a big group I should be able to find a wheel if needed and smash some hills. In Theory.

Heaps out on the ride as usual, including Ash and Grover, thought i'd try and hang with them for a bit....

Guys! wait for me!! Neg. Legs didn't have it.

I did manage to hang onto Ash's wheel up the cutting climb(thanks bloke!) on the rivet on a wheel. Yeah, got a long way to go but now the first ones out of the way they should only get easier.....

In other news, The decision has been made to finally park the "Prototype Yeti". Its over 8 years old and has been raced for most of those 8 years. Mont24s, the first 2 Full Gas 12 hour enduros solo, countless wednesday rides and a fair few XC races.

It will be replaced...

Monday, January 5, 2009

Channel 31 gems

Red Bull Hare Scramble

"Not even ten percent of the participants made it to the finish line of the Red Bull Hare Scramble in 2006. And on June 10 this year at the Erzberg (Austria) motocross riders can expect a circuit that’s even more selective in weeding out its competitors. "

Jeremy McGrath, Travis Pastrana.... Soft..... Checkout the "course" they have to ride over...

True to form 2008 race doesn't let up... Hill climbs rock.....

These dudes are tough.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Welcome 2009.......

Big plans for this year.... racing, sure. Beers? yep. Awesome riding.... Always.

G'Day Nat from Team YetiBeti in Denver Colorado, who dropped us an email to say hi. Check out their site

Rock on!

Check out this "Old Skool Gold" spotted by Chris Winn... Nice work. Cheers Bro.

Also, Congrats to Jason and Tessa who welcomed another member to the team on December 26th. Great news.