Friday, July 30, 2010

Hi, I'm Ben Randall.... may recognise me from AMB magazine....

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Beaconsfield XC

Much like the Castlemaine XC last weekend, its been a while since i raced Beaco. Always good for trails out there and over the years they've expanded the trail network heaps.

Arriving early i scored the #1 raceplate...

The practice lap seemed to take forever with the majority of the course singletrack. Great loop with single trail climbs, lots of techy bits and minimal fire road.
Again i went in without any real idea of how i'd go pace wise but with last weeks good results i was ready to push a bit harder.
A quick lineup and rollcall then we were racing. The young guns were off like a rocket but i managed to settle in around 5th or 6th.

With majority singletrack, passing and drinking was tough. I took advantage of some "gaps" in the undergrowth on the trailside to pass and by lap 2 was sitting in 4th. Brenton from Torq, James Peacock and Sam Chancellor ahead. Through the start/finish i overtook James and Sam to be on Brentons wheel. We kept the pace on and dropped them.
For the rest of the race I was chasing Brentons wheel. Sometimes right on, sometimes chasing, always looking for a spot to jump over. Sadly i couldn't get on at the critical times and also missed a few opportunities. In the end we finished as we had ridden most of the race, Brenton 1st me second.
Pretty happy with the race and my current form, lap times were very consistant and i felt strong through the whole race. Next time we go harder again.

the fro continues...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bad Haircuts

The Power Beard and White Man Fro were out on sunday.....

No need for a beanie!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Castlemaine XC

Back to the Pines... Need i say more....
think the last time i raced around the pine forest from the gun club was in the Single Speed Nationals/Worlds years. Slightly hazy riding but the riding was awesome...
2003 single speed nationals. I rode the whole course....

So sundays race was going to be good fun, and the trails didn't disappoint. Weather was perfect for racing. Trail was slightly damp but just enough for the dirt to be grippy and the roots slippery.

Plenty of folks lined up in A grade with some big names there to keep everyone honest. Paul VDP, Neil VDP, Brenton Jones(TORQ), Phil Orr, Jack Lamshed(Felt), Ashley Hayat, Camm Winn, Andrew Choma, Neil Robinson(single speeds are very 2003 mate...)

All ready for action.

I chose to ride the ASR5 for maximum squish and cause its a sweet ride. And it delivered. The start was straight up fireroad, Jack and Brenton took the lead and were gaping the field within 500m. I was hangin out in the top ten watching Paul VDP who wasn't giving chase.... Hmmmm smart me thinks.

Lap one we arranged ourselves with me in 5th or 6th. I had ridden onto a group with Jack and Michael Crosbie. Up ahead i could see Brenton and further up Neil. Paul was out of sight.

Feeling great i set about getting past the small group and working my way onto the podium. Lap 2 i passed Michael and Jack and rode up to Brenton, i overtook Brenton at the start/finish onto lap 3 and managed to catch Neil soon after that. Paul was nowhere to be seen.

The trails were sweet, drifty, fast and flowy. I was loving it. Lap 4 was just a matter of holding off Neil to keep my second place overall. Great finish!! Paul was about 2 mins in front and Neil came in a minute back.

Mel raced as well. She chose B grade to get 3 laps. More riding. 17th out of 53 in B grade. Bloody unreal.