Sunday, March 29, 2009

bits and stuff

More non yeti video.... If you've ever wondered why professional athletes get the big bucks this vid will help...

Yeah.. Pick me..


3 rides up so far. Wednesday night ride. Commute to Rohins party. Secret Trails...
one word, awesome... Super stiff front end and bottom bracket. Techo climbs and decents are a breeze. Power down on the pedals and it springs forward like a good hardtail. Flick the propedal off and rocket the decents. I'm sold.Hard to take photos when riding terrain but I got a few art shots...

Something about gold at the end of a rainbow, trail or bike, both good.
mesh bridge in the middle of nowhere, still there


last week I got a call asking if I'd like a spot in a team at the Mont. Had to say yes. So I'll be flying the flag as part of the Pedros 4 man team. After 4 months of no racing and lots of rehab after the head-on it'll be a shock to the system me thinks...

I'm ready... Pick me.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Travis Pastrana is a weapon.

Thanks to Joel for the vid.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another ASR Carbon Buildup

This time it's mine.....

the frame, waiting in good company...

All good stuff. Juicy Ultimates, XTR, XO, Thomson, SLR, King....

Now I had planned to take photos during the build. Document the process. Bare frame still in packaging. Headset fitup. Derailleurs. Cranks. Brakes. Cabling etc.

But, way too excited to stop for photos.

I got one early pic..... then

Ta Daaa.... Cutting the integrated seat mast was a minor issue. Measure twice and cut once etc etc.

Aussie Delivery frames.

How Does it ride? great around the shop at 8pm. I'm tipping awesome. Reports are super stiff.

Says it all

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Heed The Warning.....

Don't ride Kinglake.

The roads may be open but cyclists are not welcome.

You have been warned.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Things to have

Skinsuits. Apparently they are the thing to have. World Cup downhillers wear them. Ryan loves them. So when i saw this one on EBAY.... had to bid.

I guess the Americans ain't so keen on skinsuits cause i was the only bidder. Unused. Retro. Signed By Marla Streb.

Just need a race to bust it out...

Racing has been a little quiet for me over the last few months. Chase the Sun Round #1 at Lysterfield has been inked into the calendar as my first back for the year. Looking forward to it. Hopefully Russell and I will be flying the CARBON flag too.

Front end as stiff as a 575, light and responsive as a hardtail with 100mm of travel to bomb the decents.
9kg buildups I hear.

New bling for the 575.

Setup late on friday night (after 4 beers) before an Epix early start saturday. A minor realignment was required on saturday morning....
As usual the pads needed bedding in and what better than a smash fest around Lysterfield.

So far I'm very impressed. I was already a fan of avids and these brakes are sealing the deal... More later