Monday, May 11, 2009

Riding on Mothers Day

What was your mum upto on sunday? Mine was in Benalla doing a timetrial and road race....

With a free sunday it seemed right to hitup some single track with a group of mates..

Good trails, tough climbs, rocks....

The secret trails were conquered and a side trip up to the trig point was made a little tougher with a freshly graded track. Thankfully the ugly, rocky pinch hasn't been touched.

No tears this time.

(Ok, so this pic is not actually from sundays ride. But it makes me laugh so its in...where have you disappeared to Jacky-boy???)

Descending back down to the mesh bridge was an experience, powdery dirt making for some interesting lines.

The graded trail ended for us with the most technically brilliant piece of riding i think i've ever been involved in. Basically the graded road heads down a steep hill then turns a sharp left back up. We keep going on straight onto a lesser used 4wd track. In the lead and knowing the way I was loosing vision due to the water leaking from my eyes. All i could see was a large brown lip, left by the grader, it looked to be a meter high, so not wanting to fire myself off the bike I hauled on the anchors, buried the bike into the "berm" and rolled down the new drainage ditch. Next second there is a hand on my shoulder giving me a push along. I look back to see a neat line of 7 riders all having braked, turned and stopped within cm of each other. Technical riding at its best....

After a laugh and debrief it was off to the mesh bridge.

Perfect weather, thanks to all who came along.

Cheers to Neil for the pics.

Rhino is riding the cobbles on something called a "roadbike"... when will he learn

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