Monday, November 16, 2009

We Couldn't Agree On A Name...

Officer 6 hour.

Mel and i teamed up as a mixed pair... Just for fun. So i dug out the 575 for some long travel racing.

On the start line it was all smiles then bam! we were off. I sat in 2nd for a bit then attacked on the aqueduct track. I the lead i finished lap one (with the fastest lap for the race) and headed out for lap 2.

I got challenged early but shut that down and rode around loving the trails to bring us in first overall after 2 laps.

We didn't stay in first overall but we did win our category. It sure was hot out there and tough toward the end of the race.
Everyone was enjoying themselves and it was a great day of racing...

Many thanks to the FTF volunteers who ran the event.

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