Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Headin over to South Aus tomorrow. A while ago Bellie asked if i'd support him at the Kona Mawson MTB Marathon. Something different so I said yes.

Truth be told he originally asked if i wanted to team up for the race. 350km plus, all at once, non-stop. I declined. too much like a solo 24hour race. done that, no longer my thing. So he has teamed up with Jason English.

We have about 1500km to drive to get to the start. Then they start riding and i drive behind as support. Race starts on friday morning and depending on how fast they ride, will finish early saturday morning.

20hours + of driving. hmmm, what have i got myself in to.......

Saturday and sunday will be spent at the Melrose Fat Tyre Festival. I'm taking the ASR5 to punt around the awesome trails of Melrose. Can't wait.

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