Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Revisiting old trail

Rhino invited me to join a local woodend crew on a ride from the Wombat loop out to Blackwood and back. The ASR5 was my bike of choice for the ride, plenty of travel, nice and fast.

On the drive into wombat forest i may have detoured through a few mud bogs, just for a laugh...

5s all round, the Yeti Strike Force(Farce) was in the house...

Ryan getting some mad air!

The ride out to blackwood was pretty uneventful. A small section of the wombat loop, some fire road, a long straight with rolling hills that we "Tour De Timor'd" along then a sweet ridgeline decent. The bikes ate up the decent and before we knew it we were climbing again.

The climb kept going and we turned onto the water race trail. A track that skirts around the hills and climbs very slowly toward Blackwood.

Jules from the Wombat MTB club is just ahead.

The trail is narrow in some areas with no real room for error. its a long drop off the side.

From Blackwood we hightailed it back to the cars, cracking out 60km in just on 3 hours. Not bad for a MTB ride.

Ryan and i may have hit up the mud in the 4x4's on our way home as well. This time my bike copped a spraying...

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