Sunday, August 29, 2010

bit late fella

Castlemaine 6 hour, over a week ago, old news really. Been an interesting week so here is a brief version of a race report. Sadly i have no racing shots or trail shots, apart this one of the start line i pinched from faceboof.
I rolled to the start after saying i wasn't really up for smashing myself. Sitting a few rows back we were shuffling forward and i just "happened" to shuffle myself onto the front line. Mr Norris in full Drapac gear rolled up beside me. After a bit of banter and ANOTHER crap on about the A lines on the course (fair enough, some people need to be warned about the dangers on the trail. But I'm awesome man. A lines only for me...)

Off and racing! I tacked onto Norris for the first bit of lap 1. about a third of the way in he rode off and i kept my hammer down, A lines were destroyed and i finished my lap in 2nd overall with a healthy gap to those chasing. Mel and i did lap for lap, then i did a double lap, mel did a lap, i did another double and then Mel brought it home to finish with 5 mins to go. We were in the lead a lap up and i'd already got out of my riding kit. Day done!!

2 bottles of wine and a Medal each. Unreal. Great day and great trails.

Rumour it may be the last 6 hour? not sure, maybe something new next year. whatever they do it'll be sweet.

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rhino said...

Save that wine champ...