Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BigTop First Rides

Got the bike sorted on monday and being at Lysterfield it seemed the easiest thing to kit up and ride those trails. Well, the ones that are open and not mega mud fests. Snoz and i punted around the trails doing some trail work occasionally and i came to the conclusion that the bike is excellent. I don't have much 29er riding experience but i can say this, everything i've heard and read was confirmed on the trails.

The first 29er i rode was ok but not being setup 100% for me so it didn't blow me away with its awesomeness. This time i could feel the big wheels doing their thing. Once rolling the bike motored along and it was a sweet ride.

the Comm Games rockgarden was dispatched with ease, big wheels didn't get hooked up so much in the rubble and i could hold my speed a bit more which made the climb out less of a drama.
The bike loves a log rollover, pop the front wheel and your over, seemed like i needed to prepare less as the wheels wouldn't get hooked up in the gaps.
Can't get around the fast its a bigger bike tho. Tipping into some fast corners and sharp corners requires a bit more effort and because you sit a little higher i may have just scraped through a few low branch incidents. The 26er definitely works better in these areas.

Smiths Gully 7am. frosty. Great morning for a ride and great trails. With 2 rides a Lysty done to get the first ride tweaks done i headed out for some real trails. Happy to say I had a ball. Old trail was owned, and some new trail was given a run with excellent results.

On the move.... XO ten speed group works well, basically XX but more affordable. For me the 42/28 chainring and 12-36 cassette work fine. For Tour de Timor i'm swapping on the XX cassette from my ASR5 cause it has an 11tooth. Apparently i may need it, given some riders are running 48t big rings...
other changes will be a 10degree stem flipped to point down so i can get a lower riding position. Currently i have a 5 degree run flat with a riser bar(yeah, i know, point stem down then put a riser on...I like the riser hand position and width) so the 10degree will set me up a bit lower for Timor.
In the truck. My new favorite?? it definitely is up there.....

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Jake @ Castlemaine Cycles said...

those circus wheels make your ute look like a subaru brumby