Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where's me bike?

A week later and still no bike. Well, no Bigtop in a box, crusty helmet and shoes. My bike didn't make it onto the plane last sunday when we left Dili, most bikes didn't. No worries, couple of days they reckon... Fail. Makes ya wonder when pretty much everyone else has been called to pickup their stuff. Tomorrow??
Keen to get the 29er back now. Check it over and have a good ride..

Not to worry, plenty more bikes in the shed

Today was trail building day and i took the ASR7 out for a demo ride.

It ate up the trail. Flat pedals and all. It rocked the ups and downs. I may have even binned it on a fast corner, washing out the front tyre and headbutting a small tree on my way down. Laughing all the way...

A Yeti convention. ARC, ASR7 and 2 ASR's hiding in the trees.


More Climbing

At the top. Rest time.

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