Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nail Can Hill

I had no idea where to go, just a map and some trails marked on it. So i picked a trail and we headed for it..... turns out i picked the wrong one

Its marked as unemployment track i think and we walked up most of it. It reminded me of an Epix ride... to be fair it was more a walking path and probably not for riding. If you were to ride it i'd say head down on a long travel bike would be better. So we slogged our way up and onto the ridge road the cuts through the trail network.

Heading along that road we took a turn off to the left and hit the good trails... we ended up somewhere and after some loops, climbing and "just a bit further" I located where we were on the map.

some smooth winding trails, great fun

some rocky winding trails, also great fun

The 29er got a run today, again proving its a great ride. floating over the rocks with ease.

mel on the trails

Semi downhill track that cuts across the side of nail can hill another sweet trail

Great view off the hill.

another walking track?? i reckon you could ride it. Mel wasn't up for it.

more rocky trail. this is a great area for rocks. the trails are super sweet. sadly the map i had was a bit out of date and we probably missed a heap of great loops. Next time we'll try and hook up with some locals for a guided ride....

Art short.

So, Nail Can Hill, definitely worth a trip. I'd either take a local or a gps and map cause there is a heap of trail to enjoy.
I'm told new trail maps will be available once local councils and govt etc give the go ahead, hopefully that is soon.

Keep an eye on the Albury Wodonga Mountain Bikers site for the new map and upcoming races.

onward we go toward Canberra....

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