Sunday, October 17, 2010

Worlds and the aftermath

Sadly I didn't really take any good photos from our time in canberra. I rode the solo course with bellie, the teams course with mel, The solo course by myself(and had a minor getoff, ouchy ribs)and the teams course with Rowney. Both courses were tough, solo course was rough and would be a test of toughness. The teams course was tight and would be tough to pass on. All good.

As usual midday saturday comes around quickly and there we were lined up.

Worlds Elite start line to the left... the right

3am shot?? The phone camera doesn't do justice to the sight from up on the hill. Teams and Solo riders with all the tent setups and pit crews. It was a huge event.

The Solo presentation dinner. Packed into the ANU Bar with a huge Que for food our table decided beers would be better....

And the next day we drove home to Melbourne. Roadtrip done. A great week capped off with a great race. Bellie had a good race but had to stop early due to shoulder issues. The Gu/Yeti team won 4 man teams. Mel and I rode some sweet trails and had a nice week in the sun.

So welcome back to Melbourne, rain, cold, rain... I took some time out to do some weather proofing of a trail.

Bit more to do.... more photos next time i make the trip out.

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Neil Robinson said...

aww, our little trail is all grown up.