Sunday, June 14, 2009

Winter Series Rd1, forgotten clothing, Skinsuits and a couple of more Alice photos

Today was the first round of Fat Tyre Flyers Winter series. Officer. A great course was put together with climbing flowing singletrack and fast descents.
After spending saturday at Warburton on my Downhill bike I was ready to rock. Pity i didn't quite get all the required items for racing in the car....

Everyone has done it. Get to a ride, forgot the helmet, shoes, front wheel etc etc... Today I forgot my jersey. Having a full compliment of DH gear in the ute didn't help either. Full face helmet and a t shirt with cutoff sleeves?? oh no....
Thankfully one Paul VPD carries a few spares and even tho it was not the right colour or brand I was happy to not be racing bare chested. Cheers mate!!

Turns out Paul and I wear the same size jersey but i fill it out a little better...
Paul won today's race, in a Discover Tasmainia skinsuit, a minute ahead of AJ with Luke Fetch a close 3rd. I took advantage of an early pile up and a World Champ having bike dramas to slot into 4th. Riding the whole race by myself, unable to catch the front runners.


Big thanks to Stephen Rowe for taking photos and having them up ready to view only a few hours after the race. Top effort. All his images are available to purchase at very reasonable prices.

Alice Springs(Pro Photos..)

Stage 1. Rough trails, sand. A good introduction to the weeks riding.

Stage 2. Monday evening. Hillclimb. Skinsuit.

Stage 3. Tuesday. Unused backroads early in the stage.

Stage 4. Wednesday. Early start for the "Long" stage. The stage had to be shortened due to local landmanagers and we were done before midday.... I think in the end it was only 64km

Stage 5. Thursday Morning. Time trial. The rider in the background started 30seconds before me....

Stage 6. Thursday Night. On the same course as the morning time trial. Night riding out there was awesome.

Stage 7 Friday. All Finished!! Done. This stage and the TT/Night race was some of the best single track ridden all week.


Tim Bateman said...

The Yeti skinsuit is PRO! Does Pez have one ?

Australian Yeti Tribe said...

He has a Yeti/GU one in the new colours. Mine is an Ebay purchase... retro cool!!