Thursday, February 4, 2010

Competition Stage 1 Cradle.

Sat morning. Alpine terrain stage from Cradle Mountain. 16km. Mainly 4x4 trails. Pretty rough and hard to get a good flow going.
Rather than send everyone off as once we were split into groups according to our potential pace. I was in the A group, bellie too, Guess someone has heard of us...
Everything was good on the cruise to the start and when the starters whistle blew i was riding well. Crossing a small bridge I found myself no longer attached to my bike. i don't know what happened, those behind me couldn't tell me what went on. Landing heavily on my shoulder and knee it wasn't the start i was looking for...

Back on the bike and chasing the body seemed ok but a bit knocked about. Sadly I'd lost some air from the front tyre and while chasing the pack it let go. Tube time. Lost plenty of time and places and rolled into the finish disappointed.

Finished in 39th place. probably about 5-6 mins off the pace. Got a few gouges out of my knee and some bruising but luckily none of it effected the knee joint. So pedaling was still fine. Turns out my knee didn't hit the ground at all. All the damage was caused by it hitting the bladed spokes of my front wheel.

How did i figure this out??? (warning, unpleasantness ahead)

on fixing my front tyre at lunch i found a piece of my knee skin stuck to a spoke... boo..

Bellie had a bad first stage too and our average times relegated us to the B group. The arvo stage would be chase time.

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